Last Minute Fathers Day Gift Ideas – Runners Gifts

I’m a Man, a Husband, a Father, a Grandpa and a Runner.


With all that insight and experience I have some last minute gift ideas for that special runner in your life.

Run Mino – used to count the miles on your shoes.

Toe Socks by AFX – end blister issues and are plain comfy.

Core-Tec Compressions Shorts by OPEDIX – supportive for the long run.

Nigh Time Lights for Running/Walking by Knuckle Lights – if you can’t see it…you’ll trip over it.

Race Primer by Runners High Nutrition – jump start your workouts.

Race Awards by Running on the Wall – wall of bling.

BioSkin Calf Compression Sleeves – speed recovery.

Blister preventive by RunGoo – ended my blister issues.

Performance Sports Bags by Apera bags – top quality gear bags.

Mud Energy Gels – Mom said don’t eat the mud…she was wrong.

And some Awesome Running Apparel by Brainstorm Gear New Star Trek gear!

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