Julbo Eyewear, Sunglasses – Ultra Marathon Protection – Running Eyewear

Julbo Eyewear, Sunglasses – Ultra Marathon Protection – Running Eyewear

73-20160206-423(Setting my half marathon PR in my Julbo Sunglasses)

Very few things in my running kit are worry free. Are the batteries in my GPS going to last? Did I mix my recovery drink correctly? Will my shorts or shirt chaff?

The one thing I don’t have to worry about are my Julbo sunglasses.

I’ve wore my Julbo Venturi, sunglasses on a number of training runs, long runs, a half marathon and the JFK 50 mile ultra marathon and they have proven themselves to be maintenance and worry free.


From their website: The Venturi was designed with input from our internationally successful trail running team. They’ll support optimum performance over whatever terrain a run traverses. With a wide field of vision and photochromic Zebra lenses, the Venturi offers a clear path to better mountain vision. Comfortable for long wear with grip temples for hold, these are streamlined and lightweight sunglasses bearing the new 3D Fit Nose for versatile fit.

FIT: I have never been happy with the fit of my sunglasses in the past. And to be honest, I was ready for that again, BUT these babies fit right out of the box. I was very surprised and very happy, Nothing to worry about here. Where sunglasses in the past gave me sore spots if wore to long, I wore these during every mile of the JFK and not contact point pain.

PROTECTION: I’ve worn these during some warm weather runs, windy run and cold weather outings. And as far as my eyes were concerned they knew no different. My eyes normally water during cold or windy days but my Julbro glasses offered such great protection from the wind that I had no watering eyes.

STYLE: These simple sunglasses have more style than I do… I’ve gotten a lot of compliments on how good they look.  I’m no GQ man but that little bit of attention makes this old dude feel good.


If you struggle with finding the right eyewear to protect your eyes while out on the trails, hiking up a mountain path or simply out on the town give Julbo eyewear a try.

Checkout their website, follow them on Vimeo and Like them on Facebook.

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