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Thanksgiving weekend is a great time to sit back, reflect on the year and count our blessings.  I’m thankful for so much…including this blog.



Thanksgiving weekend is also my Blogs birthday, it’s 5 years old this weekend…and I can’t believe all the truly OUTSTANDING things that have happened thou this blog.


I’ve made great friends, they have touched my life.  They have inspired me, pushed, and challenged me.

I’ve made an impact with others.  My most cherished accomplishment with the simple words that I write here, I’ve been told that my running and my blog has touched the lives of others.

I’ve run races I only dreamed about, and some I never truly imaged running, but the runners I follow inspired me to stretch my goals.


This blog has had over A MILLION viewers….and over 750,000 since I moved it to my personal domain, two years ago.  This simple parking spot on the web, has opened many doors for me.


When I hammered out my first post, I wondered if anyone would read it.  5 years later I have had two of my works published in a National Magazine.  And I have nearly finished my first novel, a story of Life, Love, Loss and Endurance Running.  It’s a fictional story but based loosely on my life.

Thank you to all my followers, friends and virtual running partners.  We may never get to run together, we may never met in person…but we have shared a great deal of my running and life together.  I look forward to the next five years and beyond.




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