Get into shape, Run a 10k, a Marathon or 100 Miles

Do you wish to improve your health, get into shape, and or run a 10k?

Or do you DREAM BIGGER, do you want to run a marathon?


When people find out I got into shape by running they almost always reply in one of three ways:

“I stopped running when I stopped stealing.”

“If you see me running, you better join in because something bad is about to happen.”

Or “I could never run a 10 or a marathon.”

What you don’t hear is…running gave me back my health, running returned fun to my life and running enabled me to accomplish things I never thought I could do. Thru running I’ve ran 14 marathons and have finished two 100 mile races in under 24 hours.

You can Dream About Fitness or you can get moving and run too.

But why should you start running or start any exercise routine?

The number one reason you should start any fitness routine should be to improve your health. When I started running 15 years ago, I was overweight, had high cholesterol and was on a one way trip to the land of future heart disease. 16,000 miles later, my resting heart rate hovers in the mid to low 40s. My blood pressure is low, my bad cholesterol is in check and I feel great. I have not had the common cold or flu in years and although I cannot prove it, I believe all of this is related to the miles I log.

If all the health benefits were not enough, a bonus is that everyday activities no longer tax me. When I was out of shape, when I had a few (25+) extra pounds around my waist it was hard to accomplish even simple tasks. Everyday life and simply moving around got me “winded.” Now when I play with the grandkids, chase the dogs around or hike with my wonderful wife, I’m not out of breath sitting on the side of the trail with my head in my hands. If truth be known, since becoming an ultra-marathon runner, I out last the grandkids, the dogs, and well the Mrs. too.

The second reason for taking part in an exercise routine should be for your quality of life. We only have so many years on this planet; I don’t want my body limiting my ability to do what I want to do. My body will not limit what I can or cannot do. When I was overweight my knees hurt, my range of motion was limited and my ability to get out and do things had a time limit. Today contrary to everything you hear about running being bad for your knees and joints, my body has never been in better shape. My weight is down, range of motion is not limited and my knees (my joints in general) have no issues. Even after 90 race, 34 at or over the marathon distance of 26.2 miles…other than blisters here and there my body and my legs feel great.

Lastly and maybe most important…running is good for my mind and soul. After a tough day at work, stress at home, or in response to world events…a 6 to 10 mile run on some open roads or lonely trails and all my problems melt away.

Take the time today to invest in your health, invest in your fitness and invest in your life. If you won’t….I ask you. Who will?

Plus, contrary to what most people believe, in my opinion, the fall and winter seasons are really the best time to start an exercise routine.

Stop Dreaming About Fitness and get moving, what do you have to lose…

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