Five Life Lessons – Running – Training – Racing – Ultra Marathon

Five life lessons that hold true for your running, training and racing.

1.  Don’t bite off more than you can chew – The current running boom has given birth to a large number of appealing races.  It’s easy to go from running your first 10k to signing up for a race of marathon distance or longer.  Every month brings a new issue of the latest running magazines filled with scores of glossy and flashy race ads.  With on-line registration it’s easy to commit to a race (and invest a good deal of money) before your body may be ready for the challenge.  To ensure success, build a solid base, train smart and be ready for that longer race.  Your body and wallet will thank you.


2.  You’re always a role model for someone – You may not think it.  You may not believe it, but someone is watching you. Someone desires that they could run as fast, as far or as often as you.  Embrace the impact you can have on someone else, we all can’t be Meb, Shalane, Kara, Dean, Anton, etc.  You need only to be “You” to encourage and inspire someone.

3.  Don’t cry over spilled milk – Did you miss a training run?  Did it rain so hard you had no choice but to cancel your long run.  Was the track closed for your last speed session?  You can’t change yesterday just like you can’t put the sand back on to the other side of an hour glass.  Accept that the day did not go as planned regroup and attack your run tomorrow. 

4.  Stop and smell the roses –  A personal record is nice.  An age group top three is wonderful.  Winning a race would be over the top, but don’t be so focused on your racing goals to miss the bald eagle that landed next to the trail.  The water fall you ran past at mile 12 or the family of deer that crossed the road at mile 22.  Running is about more than the time on the clock or your standings in a race.  Enjoy the world around you as you kick butt against the clock.

5.  Time heals all wounds…regardless of how you feel right now. – Did you have a crappy race?  You went out to fast and hit the wall.  Your planned finishing kick left you high and dry.  Take 24 hours, be angry, be upset and vow to come back faster and smarter, then put it behind you.


Running is part of your life…for some a big part.  These five life lessons can help you in the real world and the world in which you run.

What are some of your life lessons that play equally well in your running life?

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