Drink Chocolate Milk and help Ashley run the strip at night

Drink Chocolate Milk and help Ashley run the strip at night.

One of my Twitter followers has a chance to scratch off a bucket list item and she needs your help!

From now until September 17th, Chocolate Milk (@chocolate_milk) on Twitter will be re-posting her video EVERY SINGLE DAY. How can you vote to help get Ashley to run the #stripatnight? It’s simple, RETWEET her video EACH day! This opportunity may never come around again. When Ashley found out that she was part of the final three, this was her reaction!

Connect with Ashley on Twitter (@ashleylynn411) or instagram (@agregory11) and be sure to retweet her video on @chocolate_milk Twitter every day.
“It would be SO incredibly awesome to be able to connect with them in-person at the Rock N Roll Las Vegas Half Marathon this November.  ALL THE LOVE AND CHOCOLATE MILK!” – Ashley
So PLEASE take a few minutes to help out Ashley…..its as easy as 1.2..3…Visit @chocolate_milkFind  video on thier timeline

and retweet her video to your followers and drink chocolate milk!

Thank Brian

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