Compression Socks – Product Review, A New Way

Compression Socks + A New Way = Savings and Comfort

Running a ton of miles gets you an extra slice of pizza, some cool race bling and once in a while the chance to try out some new running gear.

I had the opportunity to test drive a new type of compression sock.  At first I wondered what could be different about a sock design, but once I had them in my hand I knew something was different.


Introducing Tiux Performance Compression Socks.


From their website: “We are a small startup with something to prove. We’re dreamers looking to challenge the status quo. We’re never satisfied and believe we can do much better. This drives us to deliver premium products with great customer value.

We’re not like other sports apparel brands. Instead of using brick and mortar shops, we sell directly to you online. We break away from the traditional retail model by eliminating wholesalers and distributors. This lets us control the entire process, from apparel design to shipping products to your door. Our streamlined approach allows us to sell our products at fair prices.

I can’t speak of their business model, although I sure like the pricing…I can speak of the Quality, Fit and Performance.

The product right out of the package impressed me.  In my hand I could feel the high quality materials.  The material felt plush/soft yet supportive and firm. Once on my foot/calve the wear felt comfortable.  And I really liked the racing stripe, it made me feel faster.  During my run (8 miles) I can’t say I ran any faster but I did notice a cushioning to my footfall which was a bonus.  This was my third straight day logging over 8 miles and normally I have some tenderness in my calf, ( ha, old age stuff) but on this run I did not have any issues. I can’t say for certain the socks cured me…but they did make my lower legs feel more supportive.


If your needing a new pair of compression socks, I recommend you give them a try.

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