Camping, Fishing, Running, Tubing, Camp Food – It Was A Great Weekend

What a epic crazy fun weekend it was…

Some weekends are fun…some are really fun and some they write songs about.  Our three day camping, fishing, running, tubing, and camp food weekend will be remembered in the tales of EPIC Adventures for years to come!


CAMPING – For our first camping adventure four years ago we found a little campground called Horseshoe Flats Campground.  We had so much fun that we have made return trips to this little hide away along the James River ever since.  If you’re looking for corporate resort style camping…this place is not for you.  If you’re looking for a quiet, safe, clean, welcoming, fun, family type campground then this place is perfect.  This being our fourth trip to Scottsville, VA we are already planning to come back in 2015.  Check out Horseshoe Flats on their Facebook page and tell them Brian and Michele sent you.

FISHING – Past trips to Scottsville have been centered around tubing, running and hanging out around camp.  This year we added fishing to our weekend plans…and boy did we have fun.  Our camping rig (fifth-wheel) limits us in not being able to tow a boat, to counter that we picked up a SeaEagle 14 foot inflatable boat.  The SeaEagle boat is built on the same concept of the Zodiac boats that our military uses.  Constructed of heavy gauge 38 mil Polykrylar (K80 PVC) material, with a 3 chamber design capable of holding 4 people and 1560 pound.

 SE_SE-124smbFishDream (1)  truckandboat

This little boat is perfect for Michele and I and fits in the back of our dually once the camper is disengaged.  To make our SeaEagle a bit more comfortable, we added a front bench seat, 2 padded seats on swivel mounts and a 55lb Thrust Trolling Motor.  This set up is perfect for getting into the smaller lakes and or reservoirs.  When un-inflated and disassembled our SeaEagle packs away in the extra room within our RV.


Just outside of Scottsville is the Totier Creek Reservoir a 66-acre  reservoir in Albemarle County.  The reservoir has largemouth bass, bluegill, redear sunfish, and channel catfish.  Friday morning we headed to the boat ramp and found ourselves as the only ones on the water.


Michele started us off with the first catch of the day, a nice hand size sunfish.  The day ended with two trips on the water and our hopper full with a bass, crappie, and 6 to 8 sunfish keepers. Our first outing netted a nice group of fish and the boat returning home in one piece with zero holes. This sampling provided the perfect amount for our first fish fry.

RUNNING – It is always fun to run someplace new.  Saturday and Sunday morning I made runs out to the same reservoir we went fishing on.  The run out to Totier Creek is approx. 3 miles in length and offers two really good climbs.  The first coming as you leave Scottsville off of Warren road.  From the main road of Scottsville up Warren road to James River Road it is pretty much uphill the entire way.  This initial climb covers .38 mile and scales 300+ feet.  Not Leadville or Hardrock, but a nice little climb to get the run underway. The next nice climb was on Totier Road starting from the parking lot of the boat ramp and ending midway back on Totier Road.  The video below shows the downhill portion of the run along Totier Road ending at the boat ramp.

I ran this route from Scottsville to Toteir Creek Reservoir both mornings.  Sunday morning I ran some of the streets of Scottsville taking in some of the historic sites along the way.  One stop was at the town park where Scottsville history is told including historic high-water marks from previous floods.  Scottsville has been flooded several times due to its proximity to the James River.  Since 1870, Scottsville has been the victim of twenty-one floods (defined as water levels of twenty feet or more above the average low water level). 

TUBING – Tubing on the James is a great day trip.  James River Reeling and Rafting puts on a great adventure and we enjoy floating down the river with no cares in the world.

CAMP FOOD – We had two meals worth talking about.

Saturday night after our tubing adventure we fired up the grille and made ribs for the very first time.  I wasn’t to sure how they would turn out but when other campers stopped by and a tried a few, many asked what my special trick was.  I had no idea they would taste that good, after-all I was texting my friend Jeff on how to cook them.  I took half a rack of ribs, washed them down, the rubbed some olive oil on them and rubbed some A1 dry rub on them and allowed them to sit for 2 hours.  Once we had the grille fired up I cooked them on low heat for a good 2 hours rotating them every 10 minutes.  Once done and ready to serve I cut them into 2 rib sections and dunked them in hot (temp) BBQ sauce, covered them and let them sit for 10 minutes.  Once they sauce baked in I brushed some extra sauce on them and served.


We had ribs, toasted homemade garlic bread and corn on the cob.  Oh yea!  But that meal paled when compared to the fish fry we had Sunday night.

Sunday we had our first fish fry.  When cleaning the fish, I filet them and put them in the ice box in fresh water.  We picked up some beer batter to give them that special taste.  To get the fish ready to fry, Michele patted them dry and then I put them in the dry breading, flipping them over a few times to get good coverage on the fish.  Then they went right into the hot oil and frying until they floated.  We served the fish with fried potatoes, and corn on the cob.  I’ve got to say these tasted great!  Why we have we not gone fishing before this.


All in all it was a great weekend, we fished, I ran, we tubed and I got to spend time with the love of my life and our two puppies.  On top of all this we celebrated our one month Dogaversary!

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