Bucket List, A Look Back – Olympic Stadium -Super Bowl – Arizona Memorial

The Bucket List post is a common post on most Blogs.  I’ve posted one with a few updates myself.  If you’re not familiar with the thread, a “Bucket List” is a list of experiences people would like to do, see or accomplish before their time on this planet expires.  This concept was made popular by the hit movie of the same name, where Two terminally ill men escape from a cancer ward and head off on a road trip with a wish list of to-dos before they die.  More information about this movie can be seen here.


During a recent long run, It occurred to me, that maybe we spend too much time looking forward and not enough looking back.  One of my thoughts turned not to what I want to accomplish, but to what wonderful places, things, experiences and truly great people I’ve come into contact with during my first 50 years.  As I post this list, it’s not a “look at me” list.  But a reflection of how I’ve been truly blessed by our creator God, who for some reason has shined favor on me and put in some truly remarkable places.

brian@stadium(During a 2005 trip to Athens)

During a family trip to Athens, Greece, I got to stand at the entrance of Olympic stadium and walk among the ruins of the Acropolis.

on field 11(Sideline passes with Chomps)

With the last few Browns Backers raffle tickets we purchased, our numbers were pulled.  My son, Anthony, and I got to be on the sidelines pre-game for a Browns home game.

Although it was not my team, I was on the sidelines/press boxes for the Washington Redskins vs Denver Broncos Superbowl in Jack Murphy Stadium.

micheleandbrianonbeach(Michele and I on Omaha Beach)

Had the honor of paying  respect, to the greatest generation, with visits to Pearl Harbor and the Arizona memorial and the Normandy landing locations including Omaha Beach.

At first it was an remote assignment I did not want to serve, Thule, Greenland, 900 miles south of the North pole. While standing on the edge of a fjord watching massive sheets of ice break free from the seaward side of glaciers giving birth to new Icebergs, I thought….how many people get to see this.

Northern-Lights04(Northern Lights Over Norway)

On a cold dark night while in a frozen northern country, as I walked back to my dorm room a colorful band of green lights danced above my head…”wow the Northern Lights.”  Words can’t explain the mystery and elegance.

And so many little things, I’ve tasted whale, seen but not played Saint Andrews, walked among ruins of the civilizations of Rome, Greece and Northern Iraqi. I’ve met Lance Armstrong (before his fall), Robin Williams, Frank Gifford, Bernie Kosar, Don Shula and Kid rock.  I’ve worked on a SR-71, supported a Space Shuttle launch and moved troops into Northern Iraq to take down a dictator.

It has been a wonderful first 50 years….now on to that list.

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