Big Cat Adventure – Life, Running and Cats

Grandkids are Awesome.

Not only are they are easy to love, fun to snuggle and incredibly adorable.  They also provide you a chance to revisit your childhood and do somethings you would have missed while stuck in the adult world.

grandmaandaidenPretty Grandma and Aiden looking at a bug

Visiting our Grandkids Aiden and Alaina this week Michele and I along with Jessica and Anthony (our kids), were able to visit, Cat Tales Zoological Park & Zoological Training Center.  What makes Cat Tales different from an ordinary zoo is that it is a Big Cat Rescue.

runfoodCrazy Sign…OBTW I did not run

From their web site: Promote the welfare and survival of all living species through dedication, conservation, and education.  Promote the preservation of endangered species in general, with a specific focus on the endangered & exotic cats.   Cat Tales works with various state wildlife agencies, USDA, and HSUS plus private agencies throughout the United States in rescuing and relocation of exotic animals of all types. The Park is on standby to receive and house exotic cats which need homes for various reasons ranging from abandoned or abused animals to the cases where someone wanted a “unique pet” but tired of it after the novelty wore off.

 Aidenandcat  anthonyfeeding  daddydaughterselfie
 Aiden and a Tiger  Anthony Feeding  Daddy/Daughter Selfie

What we enjoyed the most was that compared to regular zoos Big Cats provided a more personal experience.  On a smaller scale it was much easier to view and interact with the staff and animals.  Cat Tales is home to Lions, Tigers and Bears…Oh My.  Yes Big Cats has two bears on hand.  The staff was welcoming and eager to tell you the personal history of all their animals.

AnthonyandMichelracingAnthony and Michele Racing Monkeys

We had a blast!  Our family highly recommends a stop at Cat Tales to check out these Big Cats (and the Bears).

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