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Why have I decided to Boogie?

Because, all my friends are doing it.

Because, there has been a ton of pictures on Facebook of people doing it.

Because, I finally wanted to see what all the fuss was about.

Saturday, June 6th, 2015, I will….

Git on up on the floor
Cuz we’re gonna boogie oogie oogie
till you just can’t boogie no more

So just what is “the Bethel Hill Moonlight Boogie 50 Miler?


The Boogie, as it is affectionately known is a 21 year old 50 mile race run in Ellerbe, North Carolina. It’s a race that all my North Carolina running friends have been running and talking up. It’s an event that I’ve heard so much good about that I had to run it myself.  I figured it was about time to drive south and do a little boogie oogie oogie myself. The course is five repeats of a six mile loop and a four mile loop combined which we will cover five times to give us the 50 mile benchmark. After signing up for this event I was surprised to find out that the dropout rate is 40% or so. The course description also comes with a firm warning from the Race Director: “Think long and hard before signing up for this event.” The Boogie has a bit of a mystic about it.

What makes this event such a favorite and a tough draw?

From the event website:  “The boogie course is an all rural and all paved course with several long hills and some smaller ones. This is not a mountainous run but it is definitely not flat. The course is not certified. There are no porta-potties, no splits, no mile markers, no spectators and late in the run possibly even no other runners. There are only 6 houses on the course and they have dogs. There are no official vehicles cruising the course to make sure you are okay. Aid stops are over 4 miles apart. If you decide to quit there are no pick up vans. The race starts at 6 pm and the temperatures will probably be about 85 degrees with little shade. Darkness comes around 9 pm and there are no street lights. If you need to be catered to every couple of miles along the course or worry about running in the dark, perhaps you should not come. “


So again why have I decide to run this race….In the spirit of the Graveyard solo 100 mile run, I will boogie for the challenge. With a 6 pm start this will be the latest I’ve ever started a race. I want to overcome a tough course. I want to pit myself against the hills and the heat. I have also decided to run this race to spend time with my running friends.

So who is going to boogie oogie oogie with me…Paul, Veronica…Dave?

The Boogie is done…..and it was one tough 50 mile race.

Some how I under estimated the course, the heat and the humditiy.  Saying all of that, we had rather mild race day night conditions compared to some pervious races.


Finish time 11hrs 21m 43 seconds. 17th over all out of 90 and 12th male.

Full Race Report coming soon.

7 thoughts on “BETHEL MOONLIGHT BOOGIE 50 Miler, Ultramarathon, Marathon, Running, Racing and Training

      1. Paul Starling

        Thanks Brian! It’s just one of those things that happens. Been 14 years since I had to drop from a race (my 1st marathon in 2001).


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