The Benefits Of Running Are Many


1. Your heart loves it.

IMG_2811(100 miles or 3 miles…Running is good for you)

Regular running reduces heart disease, the risk of stroke, lessens the bad cholesterol and gets more of the good stuff and levels your blood pressure!

2. Your brain loves it.

Physical activity has a protective function on your brain, regular exercise, like running, can even slow  the progression of dementia.

3. Your bones love it.

Running stimulates and strengthens your bones, increasing their density whilst also keeping your joints healthy.

4. Your skin loves it.

Running outside, in the daylight, boosts your body’s natural store of Vitamin D. If you’re careful not to  get burnt, absorbing Vitamin D through your skin is the best way to boost immunity among many  other benefits.

5. The rest of your body loves it.

Running can reduce your risk in developing other serious diseases, diabetes, asthma, even some  cancers. It also keeps your weight in check. Running increases muscle, muscle leads to a faster metabolism, which means you’re burning more calories even when you’re resting.

6. Your work will love it.

Running will give you a huge energy boost. Better circulation and increased oxygen makes you feel more alert – your productivity at work will soar.

7. Your colleagues will love you!

105706-200-026f(Running will change your life….)

Exercise improves your mood; endorphins in your bloodstream reduce stress and anxiety. And a happier office will in turn lead to a happier boss, which is always a good thing.

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