A Few Steps Aways – Running – Life – and Tomorrow

With the advent of fitness watches, the world is concerned with their step count.  In the course of a day without even bringing up the topic I hear a number of times “I got in 10,000 steps today.” Or “I’m 1,000 steps short.” and “I need to walk/run a few more steps tonight.”

DCrainmaker(Image borrowed from DC Rainmaker)

After my 8 mile run tonight, I looked at my gps watch noticing that I had moved 18,724 steps…seeing that number on the face of my Garmin I wondered where these steps had taken me.  And more importantly where are they taking me?

It’s not the steps…it’s the result.

A single step can move you

One step closer to your goals.

One step further away from “the past.”

One step from hurt, anguish and regret.

One step closer to restoring relationships.

Improved health.

One step further away from mistakes.

Closer to where we can stop running from the ghosts of our past.

[Tweet “@cledawgs points out you’re only ONE step away from, love, health and the new you.”]

One step from surrender.

One step closer to someone who loves you.

One step nearer the new you that you want to become.

One step closer to open arms.

One step closer to the finish line.

Life is not made up of major movements.  Few things in this world can be corrected changed or their course diverted with one massive, singular, course changing movement.  Most victories, battles, and achievements are set into motion by taking one step.


1 thought on “A Few Steps Aways – Running – Life – and Tomorrow

  1. Steven

    Loved your post Brian. I have got a Fitbit but find even though I always do my 10,000 steps, my weight remains static…


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