5 Reason Why, I Would Rather Run, Race, or Train

FIVE Reason Why I Would rather Run, Train or Race on Trails.

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1.  The Footing, The foot landing a trail provides is so much softer then on roads.  The cushioning that a soft trail offers is much better on the joints, reducing the potential for injuries.

2.  The View, Around every corner, over every climb on the trail is the wonder of nature.  I’ve seen streams, waterfalls and wildlife of every kind while lost in the spirit of the trail.

3.  The Solidarity, You can be truly alone in a world unseen by 90% of the population.  I’m not sure of the true statistic. However I would be willing to bet that a vast majority of us never get off the pavement or concrete.  I was a member of that group…..until I decided to mix it up.  I run trails as often as I can now!

4.  The Calling, There’s a sense of returning to nature.  The rat race, the cubical farms and the urban closeness are not natural, they are man made.  On the trail my space is shared by the trees, flowers, rocks and terrain.

5.  The Challenge,  Whether it’s climbing a hill or crossing a stream trails offer challenges not found anywhere else.  Your feet get wet, and your legs will get dirty but the trail will clean your soul.

FIVE Reason Why I Would rather Run, Train or Race on Roads.


1.  The View, Running the roads of a new town, either small town USA or big city sprawl you get to see sites few visitors do, up close and personal.

2.  The Support, During a big city race thousands of people line the roadways becoming your personal cheering squads.  When the run gets tough there’s nothing more up lifting then hearing a complete stranger call out to you by name encouraging you to finish.

3.  The Footing,  The roads offer a firm, level and consistent landing spot for your feet.  Unless your running in a construction zone for the most part the fear of a twisted ankle or broken leg is removed.

4.  The People,  While banging out long lonely miles it is sometime fun to engage in some people watching.  Face it, it is entertaining to run along an active roadway, boardwalk or city street taking in all the sights which is our fellow man.

5.  The Proximity,   Most of us can head out our front door and begin our workouts without having to drive to a city, state or national park system  This time saved can be add to our running time or given back to our families.

So basically I’m confused……ROAD OR TRAIL, TRAIL OR ROAD?

5 thoughts on “5 Reason Why, I Would Rather Run, Race, or Train

  1. Steve Fines

    Nice post.

    “You can be truly alone in a world unseen by 90% of the population.”

    When I am alone out on my local trails it somehow feels special that although there are 100,000 people within a 10 miles circle of me, I am the only one out here experiencing this amazing place.

  2. Harold

    I prefer to run trails, but this time of year (winter in Maine) and the idea that I usually run solo 99% of the time means that I do roads or treadmill during the winter. It comes down to if something bad happens either have someone else with you or are able to get to someplace warm/safe more quickly. Then there is the convenience factor having to drive to the trail head adds too much time some days and it is easier to just go to the end of the driveway and go. However, if I have my druthers I would rather do the trails. 🙂


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