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Ultra Marathon Running – Racing – Mental Toughness – Success

Do Not Feed The Trolls…Ultra Marathon Running

Once I decided to take my running, racing game into the Ultra Marathon level the first piece of advice I received was “There is going to come a point where a race, a run is really going to suck.”  This simple statement was followed up with “It will get better, just keep making forward progress by any means you can.”

So how do you keep running when a ultra marathon or any race turns ugly.

troll(Cute one minute, Ugly the next…do not feed the trolls)

1.  Do not feed the trolls.  Your mind will begin to work against you, do not feed it.  Those ugly thoughts that pop up, “I can’t do this, I’m tired, I’m sore and I just want to stop.”  Do not feed these thoughts.  Do not allow them to grow.  If left unfed they will pass, they will die out.  They will be defeated.  If you feed the trolls they grow, they get more self defeating, they make it acceptable to quit.

2.  Focus on anything positive.  In my worse race, even when my feet have wanted to explode, my legs were spent or my mental game was not there…I could find something positive to focus on.  That single positive thought can carry you to the next step, the next mile, to the next aid station.

IMG_6075(In the middle of the Graveyard 100K)

3.  Play a game.  When you’re in the middle of a personal battle turn those thoughts into a game.  During my first 100k it got ugly for me around mile 40.  I had been running stride for stride with my running mentor George N. when I simply got tired of running.  To get past that point I started singing stupid songs about the mile we had just passed.  “Forty, miles down I’m a running clown….not going to frown.”  It took George a little to catch on but before we knew it those stupid songs got us (me) into a better mind set.

boogie2016(When the trolls attack…)

4.  Do not start to formulate an escape plan.  In my one DNF, I gave into my escape plan.  After a lap of the Bethel Moonlight Boogie 50 miler in 2016, I mentally did not want to be there.  I did not want to suffer.  The next thing I knew I was drafting my blog post, my Facebook update, and my Twitter broadcast.  Once you get that far, DNF is close….do not give into this.  Focus on your Victory Post.

5.  The trolls only win if YOU let them.  The strongest motivating force you have is a belief in yourself.  Positive mental thoughts can power you thru any challenge if you believe.  Your body will accomplish what your brain believes it can do.

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Life gets ugly, races get ugly, miles get hard…Do Not Feed the Trolls

Marathon – Runner – Happy Birthday – To Me – Outer Banks Marathon 26.2

When a local Marathon and your birthday align that is special for any 26.2 mile runner.

Happy Marathon Birthday to me.  I’ll run 26.2 miles and then blow out my marathon candles at the Outer Banks Marathon.


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“I have to say The Outer Banks race is one of the best around. The people that organize it are amazing and always super helpful. The course totally rocks! And then the community support is just phenomenal. I may be partial to it because it is in the Outer Banks and I love it there but I have done a number of full marathons, even more half marathons and for me this is by far the best around. Thank you for all that you do and for putting on a great race!” ~ CB Aldie, VA

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Runner – Injured – Ultra Marathon – Training – On Hold – Recovery

If you run long enough…you will one be there.

Recovery. What to do. More importantly what not to do! (speaking to myself here).


The Injured runner to do and not to do list.

“Today the rain is going on strong, but tomorrow baby, the sun is going to come out again.” Bruce Lee


1.  Rest – Every time I google injury recovery no matter if it’s for myself or someone I know the number one course of action is rest.  Stop running or doing whatever it is that causes pain.  For us runners that’s tough.  We build a sense of pride in the pain that we can tolerate.  BUT to recover you must inflicting the injury.


1.  Continue to run and risk a worse injury.  You’ll know a true injury when it comes along.  This pain stopped me dead in my tracks.  Do not ignore your body.


2.  Seek treatment, whether by a professional or your own research.  Find out how you should treat the injury and how you can begin to recover.


2.  Ignore the injury in hopes that it will simply heal on it’s own.  It may but it will take significantly longer.   Why do professional athletes come back from some major injuries so fast?  They work as hard on recovery as they do on performance…and maybe harder.  Your on the running sidelines but not on the sidelines of your recovery.


3.  Stick to your good eating habits.


lori pics 3

3.  Fall off the nutrition/good eating freight train.  You have to accept that your body is not going to burn calories like it did before.  You won’t have the long run, the intense workouts, to burn off those extra thin mints, (Hello man in the mirror), and you need the right foods to heal properly.  Step away from the ding dongs!


4.  Stay engaged with the community.  Just because your injured, do not pull away from your running community.  Go to the meetings, attend the races, and continue to interact on-line.  You’re still a runner…continue to be involved.


4.  Withdraw, sluk, become a recluse in the community.  It’s tough I get it…but stay out there, motivate, lift up and support others.  The positive energy will help you recover and keep you in touch with the real you, “The runner you.”


5.  Stay positive…this is one bump in the road.  The injury does not define you.  The injury does not take away who you are, what you do or the goals and successes that you are still capable of.


5.  Get Depressed – This one is going to be hard.  I do, I fight depression when I’m not running.  I get sad.  I feel like I’m not who I am.  I run….now I can’t.  This sucks.

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If you’re struggling with an injury, I get it….I’m there too (or have been recently)  Drop me a note I understand how your feeling.