1 Days to Umstead 100 Mile Endurance Run – Ultra Marathon Running – 100 Miler

In no particular order these are my favorite blogs to read leading up to the 100 miler at Umstead:


1 Day To Umstead: THANK YOU everyone for supporting me!  Your My Favorites!


2 Days to Umstead:  Some times Epic events, or Elite Runners/Athletes are outside of your everyday world.  Even top shelf local runners sometime seam out of reach to the middle of the pack runner, then I met Steve via social media.  He is one of the nicest guys and encouraging supporters I’ve met.  His 100 mile runs and adventures at Leadville made me believe I could one day run in the same footsteps…just a bit slower.  His blog is awesome, check it out.

3 Days to Umstead:  I started down this Ultra Marathon road by entering the Virginia 24 Hour Run/Walk for Cancer.  I had no idea what I was doing but enjoyed the event.  And little did I know at the time, but I made a great connection in the ultra world and a great friend in general.  George N. is the RD of this very successful event…and will be pacing me during the hard laps at Umstead.


4 Days to Umstead:  100 miles was never in my thought process, until I ran Medoc Mountain 50k+ with @socialshark and @pstarlings then I got the bug.  Nathan has a great blog, check it out here.

5 Days to Umstead:  Another great blog that makes me wish I lived on the West Coast. Pavement Runner by @PavementRunner , a lot of great content, race reports, training advice and in sight into the social world of running.  A must read blog and must follow on Twitter/Facebook

6 Days From Umstead:  First connected with Laura @losingrace while driving to the Cleveland Marathon.  When I fell short of my goal, she helped keep me focus with uplifting tweets. I approached Niagara Falls Marathon she helped tailor my taper week, enabling me to reach my goals.  Her blog Catching my Breath, is insightful and encouraging.

7 Days From Umstead:  Running one of my favorite races today (slowly) Monument Ave 10k.  Check out this great blog Thoughts on the Run by @aexross

8 Days From Umstead:  Oh boy this is getting real…  A Blog I stumbled upon a year or so ago Shut Up And Run is one I visit often, always some good info, humor and insight by a pretty thoughtful runner.

9 Days From Umstead:  single digits… So hard to believe.  If ever the ultra seed was planted it was way back in 2005 when a friend Garth Peterson told me about his Ultra adventures and introduced me to Marathon and Beyond.  GREAT GREAT magazine and good reading.

10 Days From Umstead:  Best Piece of Advice I’ve received from multiple people, but first from George N.  “Beware the Chair.”


11 Days From Umstead:  By Joshua Holmes, @bayou  Run It Fast  A great Blog/Club for runners of all abilities, whether you run 5k, 10ks, half or full marathons, Ultra or 100 milers….this place is for you.

12 Days From Umstead:  By Kris, @Kris_Law, Kris Lawrence Local Runner, Wife, Military Spouse, and Mom working her tail off the get to the 2016 Olympic Marathon Trails.  When I think I don’t want to run on a cold, wet, and windy day…I think of Kris going after her dream.

13 Days From Umstead: These two moves may be responsible for my dreams of running 100 miles.  Unbreakable: four of the worlds best take on the Western States 100 and 1hundredfilm:  4 ordinary people on their journey leading up to and ultimately tackling this daunting race.

14 Days From Umstead:  by Hollie, @fueledbylolz,  Fueledbylolz  Hollie is a fast young runner who is working hard to reach her goals and inspire others.  Her fast wit, and love of coffee make her posts fun to watch and read.  Grab some coffee and give her blog a read.

15 Days From Umstead: by Ash W., @AshRuns100s Ash Runs 100 An inspiring blog and a true life story about someone who had some challenges in life, who faced them overcame them and turned their life around.  Today Ash leads an adventurous life, a positive life and one where she challenges and inspires others to reach their goals.  Do yourself some good, check out her blog.

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  1. Hollie

    I always love hearing about other blogs that people are enjoying. Thanks for the shoutout Brian and I’m excited to see here your race goes!


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