Wife Repeat Workouts – Marathon Training

It’s not Fartleks.  It’s not a Long Run.  It’s not even repeated running over Monster Hills.
It’s the newest workout sweeping across running clubs world-wide.  It’s the workout craze that has Hollywood all a buzz.  Recommended by if not the Dr. surly the Wizard of Oz.  And the workout which has achieved glowing recommendations from Doctor Phillip (for legal reasons, I changed the name here).  Wife Repeats.
But what is a Wife Repeat Workout you ask?
 (Happy Flash Couple)
The best way to spend time together, other than that “Other,” (cough cough) best way to spend time together.  A great way to burn calories and still enjoy each other’s company.  And other way to achieve your target heart rate, which does not involve looking at your credit card statement.

The Wife Repeat workout is a way for couples with different running or walking paces to run/walk together, yet separate.  You see my wife (I’ll call her Mrs. Wonderful) had knee surgery about eight years ago (torn meniscus) and since then she has been unable to return to a running routine.  But Mrs. Wonderful, equipped with an NFL Lineman’s knee brace, is still very active/fit and can walk a blazing 12:30 mile pace.  Myself being a Ultra-runner training near a sub 8:30 mile pace for 10, 15 or 20 miles, we have had a hard time enjoying our fitness routines together.  We would normally head out on our own and meet back up at the car when we were done.  We both got our workouts in but missed out on sharing the sights, sounds and experiences along the way.

That was until the Wife Repeat workout was born.  Now we head out on the trail or open roads together.  At the start of our run/walk I’ll run in the opposite direction of Mrs. Wonderful, for say half a mile then turn 180 degrees and run a mini speed workout to catch back up with her.  Then I’ll settle into a nice running cruise speed and run out in front of her for half a mile turn 180 and do it all over again.  The Wipe Repeat loop enables me to get in my miles, allows us to run/walk together exploring a new trail, or a new city and gives my wife a sense of security knowing I am never out of sight.

This “Together but Separate” workout has enabled us to get in the miles while exploring new trails and new sites.  Have you ever tried to explain part of a trail where you had to transverse apart of a tree root while running along a mountain stream?  Where before we would struggle to describe parts of a run/walk or site we saw along the way…now we get to see the trail and new places together, yet separate.

download(Wait, there’s more….)

Endorsed by the American Hart Association, the Tourism Board of New Bern, NC and the makers of ShamWow you can order your Wife Repeats Workout video today for $19.95.

But wait there’s more:  And with 5 easy payments of $9.99 I’ll also include a set of Ginsu shavers and a family of Sea Monkeys.

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