Wicked 10K – Longest Touchdown Run Ever

Blue Moon Wicked 10k – Longest Touchdown Run Ever

Sometimes we run for time.

Sometimes we run for a goal.

Sometimes we run for the win…

And some times we run the LONGEST TOUCHDOWN RUN EVER!

The 2014 edition of the Wicked 10k started with Michele and I working as race ambassadors for J and A Racing.


We opened the expo on Friday morning and by the time our shift was over we met a ton of great people in the running community.  We met older runners, young runners, couples, singles and runners of all shapes and sizes.  This experience proved again that the running community represents all of us.


The Wicked is a 10k race disguised as big Halloween costume party, if I had to guess I would say 90% of all the runners dressed up.  The range of costumes varied from the simple to the “out of this world” how did they think up that.

Start of Wicked 10k Meeting some interesting people

The great thing about a Halloween themed race is no matter if you’re the passer or the one being passed, you never know who you’ll come cross next.

Zombie Zone Photo bombing my own videos

The Virginia Beach boardwalk is an outstanding backdrop for this race and the weather conditions for this edition were perfect. Running the last mile of this race provides a great finishing experience. Instead of running for a time, it was fun to interact with the other runners, the very supportive and decked out crowds.

Running the boardwalk Longest touchdown run ever

Crossing the finish line I was a bit disappointed, the fun was over, the race was over…and the longest touchdown run ever was complete.

4 thoughts on “Wicked 10K – Longest Touchdown Run Ever

    1. Brian Burk

      Great event, loved all the cool costume ideas and interacting with everyone! and the soup in the bread bowl! Ahhhhhh good!



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