Why I Blog About My Running Racing Training

Why I Blog, Post, Snap, Pin, Tweet, and Write about my running adventures.

It’s not to brag, it’s not to say look at me.  Mostly it’s to keep myself in check but then I receive some feedback like this…and then I know the real reason I blog, post, snap, pin, tweet, and write about my running!


@MaltTroll   Thanks for the straightforward advice. I need to do this weight loss gig … again. Sigh

@running2oki   I started & couldn’t jog 1 mile without walking love my journey, can’t wait to see where takes me!

@running2oki   LOVE this! your experience reminds me that my goals are possible! thank you! #inspiration #motivation

@owen_runs   I enjoyed reading that. Thanks for sharing!

@runanninarun    brilliant post!! Thank u!!

Sara H (Facebook)  Sometimes when you post things I feel like you are talking right to me. This is the 2nd day in a row that a post from you has made me get off my butt and just RUN!! Thanks for all the info and motivation you provide!  Thanks again for all your advice and motivation, it’s great to get it because i don’t know many runners!

Dave G (Facebook)  Brian writes an awesome running blog. He shares running experiences, stories, reviews running gear and is an overall awesome, inspirational dude.

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