When It Gets Tough

When It Gets Tough

No matter how well trained, it happens to all of us.  At some point in a hard race, our drive and determination give way to doubt.  It’s natural it’s a part of pushing your body to the limits, but how do you overcome that doubt and press on?  I’ve asked a few of the runners that I follow and admire on Twitter.

How do you keep going when things get tough?
(in no particular order)

nathan(50k Ace and smoothie maker…Nathan)

Nathan Maxwell, @socialshark  I think about a previous run that hurt worse. And realize I’ve had it worse before, and I survived that time, suck it up and keep going….

paul(Ultra machine….Paul)

Paul Starlings, @pstarlings  My go to thought is from a book called “Run Because You Can”. The main character passed from Hodgin’s Lymphoma. He wanted everyone to run because they could. So I go to it often – I run because I can, when others can’t.

cropped-hollierunning(Hollie, racing to another win!)

Hollie, @FueledbyLOLZ  I just try and remember that running is a journey not an individual moment. You have ups and downs!

steve(Steve on the Leadville 100 Trail)

Steve Spiers, @britishbulldog  This might sound dumb, but each time I had a rough patch, I used the “Ain’t so bad” mantra.

lisa(Lisa, Running it FAST)

Lisa Gonzales, @runlikeacoyote  Usually try to remember that it can’t get any worse & will most likely get better & just keep going. Even if I have to walk for a while.

kris(Kris, rocking the races around the 757) 

Kris Lawrence, @Kris_Law  I always think “I wanted this moment, I am willing to fight for it.” Sounds corny but I love racing, so I have to remember to live in moment.

Next time you hit a rough patch in a race, consider some of the thoughts that keep these guys/gals running and push on!

2 thoughts on “When It Gets Tough

  1. Justin

    Great collection Brian! I think I can use them all. I especially like Nathan’s. I ran 20 on Saturday (but had 23 on the schedule) at 16*F. It was cold, and my fingers hurt for so bad. It was a humbling run. Hopefully that pain will give me the strength to PR the Last Chance for Boston Marathon on February 23rd. Thanks!


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