Week in Review

Week In Review: (Dec 15 – 22)

Monday 10
Tuesday 7
Weds 9
Thursday 0
Friday 0
Saturday 31
Sunday 0

Total: 57 miles

Monday/Tuesday and Wednesday my only running days prior to running the SeaShore Nature Trail 50k.  This is my third time running this event.  There’s been some good, some bad and I hope some better times at First Landing State Park.

Monday and Tuesday were both easy days, I ran around our housing community and did not push the pace much.  Wednesday I ran with my wife while she fast walked. We stayed on Fort Lee to take advantage of some daylight hours.  I got in a solid 9 miles and some hills with a respectable 8:30 pace.  Then we shut it down for the week tapering for the 50k.

2013seashore50k grouping

Saturday I ran the SeaShore Nature Trail 50k and had a good outing.


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