Umstead 100 Finish – Ultra Marathon, Training, Running and Racing, My First 100 Mile Event

June, 6 2014
Umstead 100 Mile Endurance Run

It’s all over including the crying…


I had three goals going into this race, my first 100 mile race. First and foremost Finish, second, a Sub 26 hour finish, and if all went right in the world a SUB 24 hour finish.

I still find it hard to get my mind around this:
My finish time:  22 hours, 51 minutes, and 5 seconds.

Lap Times:

umstead lap times

Finish by position:

Umstead finish place

Umstead sub 24 hour buckle

Umstead buckle

My Rambling Thoughts 24 Hours After The Finish:
– My Feet Hurt, awesome trail but it was ROCK infested…very hard on your feet
– The Umstead Staff are OUTSTANDING, first class event, and support
– Perfect weather…
– Pacers are awesome, I had two of the best, they put me first and made me feel important
– Other runners, saw some great and inspirational people out there
– Very emotional
– The taste of a snow cone after 12.5 miles can’t be explained
– Whomever yelled “BEAR” on a very dark part of the course…I’ll get you. (and Thanks for the extra gear that gave me)
– I had no idea I could run sub 23 hours.
– An Arbys sandwich, first real food after run……Oh to the My!

A more extensive race report will follow.

6 thoughts on “Umstead 100 Finish – Ultra Marathon, Training, Running and Racing, My First 100 Mile Event

  1. John Flynn

    Congratulations! Can’t wait to hear more about it. I was there working aide station #2 and paced another runner for 31 miles to a 22:48 finish! I just missed you there I guess. Great job!


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