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Why do you run when it’s raining?

Why do you run when it’s cold?

Why do you run when it’s snowing or blowing or lightening outside?


These are all questions I’ve been asked numerous times.  Well I don’t run if it’s lightening…I’m not stupid (well maybe just not that stupid), but I also don’t let a little bad weather get in the way of training for my next big race. After all, are we ever guaranteed a perfect day to race in? If you can’t deal with the elements in training, how are you going to tough it out when the money is on the line?

I view running in bad conditions as a way to race harden me. The wind makes me stronger, the cold more determined and the wet and nasty, more focused. Anyone can be fast when the conditions are perfect, but can you reach your potential when it’s ugly?

And as the Army proclaims: “If it’s not raining, it’s not training.”

This past weekend I was on tap to run the Knights of Columbus 10 miler in and around the battlefields of Yorktown. Guess what? It rained Friday after work, Friday during dinner, Saturday morning and right up until race time. We got lucky but if the skies would have opened up, I was ready.


OBTW, I rocked the 10 miler and destroyed my PR by over 6 minutes… 1hr 17m 01s finishing 2nd in my age group. Stayed tuned to my blog, the race report is yet to come.

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