Ultra Marathon Training – Last week In Review

Last Week In Review: (Feb 10 – 16)

Monday: 0
Tuesday: 0
Wednesday: 0
Thursday: 0
Friday: 0
Saturday: 37.96
Sunday: 0

Total:  37.96 miles – YTD Total: 339.96 miles on 30 Running Days

Decided a little down time would be good for the body, been fighting a little IT band knee pain, so we shut it down for most of the week.

Saturday I ran the second of my training runs for the Umstead 100 Mile Endurance run.  I did not want to go into my 1st 100 mile event without seeing the course (if practical) so I planned a training run on site.  I put together a FB event, invited a bunch of runners and was lucky enough that 7 others including a veteran Umstead finisher showed up to run with us.  It was a great day , even as we ran though a world of slush, we had a great time. #slushrun2014

Umstead 3 Laps(3 Laps = 37.90 miles)

Pictures can be see here.  And a full report will be posted soon.

  • Great idea to host an event to get a practice run in. Been having some IT Band pain myself, would love to chat sometime about home you subside and relieve.


    • burk.brian@yahoo.com

      I have not figured it out….trying to manage it to get thu my big races, then some down time.