Ultra Marathon Runner – My Bad Habits

Running blog post after blog post trumpets the virtues of running.  Some run bloggers post about their perfect training plan, routine and or running program. Myself I’ve posted many times on how you can run better, but let’s be honest.  Let’s be clear.  Let’s be open and transparent.  None of us are perfect.

My Bad “Running” Habits

I do not stretch – Not before, Not after and not during.  Maybe on the starting line or a race I might take a few seconds to stretch out my quads and or hamstrings.  I might take a few moments to warm up my achilles tendons but for the most part I do not stretch.


My diet leaves a lot to be desired – I’ve gotten better over the years.  I’ve tried really hard lately.  I know I need to improve but the number of slices of pizza I eat out numbers the veggies.

I still have a bad Dew habit – I had a period of success, but I’m back to drinking Diet Dew more than I should.

I hate to throw out running gear – I’ve got some shirts and shorts that are over 10 years old and I refuse to throw them out.  They may be too big, the cords (in the shorts) and elastic is gone but I still keep them and yes wear them once in awhile.


I like black –  On 99.999% of my outings I wear black shorts, black compression shorts, black leggings or black pants.  I feel a lot of pressure to make sure my bright colored running shirts match my shorts.  It used to cause me a lot of stress until I figured out everything goes with black.

I have a sock problem – I believe new sock day should be a national holiday.  Nearly every time we go shopping in person or online I can be found checking out the newest high tech socks.  The right socks can make the man or the run.


I don’t wear sun block – No I’m not George Hamilton or the new Crispy and creepy Colonel Sanders…I’m just dumb.

Running is about getting better, it’s about improving….so I’ll continue to run and try to improve on my bad habits.  Until then…anyone up for some sun bathing and pizza?

What are your bad running habits?







2 thoughts on “Ultra Marathon Runner – My Bad Habits

  1. SKORA Running

    Wearing sun protection is something I’ve only started taking seriously this summer. Of course, I’m running more now than I was last summer but my wife has also been keen on reminding me about this. It’s something that should not be overlooked!

    An odd runner habit I’ve noticed with myself is wearing running shorts instead of underwear sometimes 😉

    Kyle @ SKORA

  2. LaChicaRuns

    I don’t replace my running shoes or orthodic inserts nearly as often as I should. Oh, and I spend an inordinate amount of time complaining about knee pain. Huh….


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