100 Miles – Now What – Grand Canyon – Leadville – Western States – Vol State 500k Ultra Marathon

You meet the right girl, and you fall in love.

You fall in love, and you get married.

You get married, and you have a child.

Life seems to follow a pattern where a major life event transpires and then it’s followed by an even more grandeur event.

So you run 100 miles (for the second time) and what do you do next?

I’ll be honest there was a point during Graveyard that I laughed at myself when I thought I could run races such as Western States, and Leadville. And there was a time when I told myself “5ks sound kind of nice.” But now a week later and I’m dreaming about the next BIG, LONG, HARD, UGLY event.
What should it be?

Grand Canyon Rim 2 Rim 2 Rim – This unofficial event is calling me. I thought and was offered a chance to tackle this bucket list run this October, but I just can’t line up the logistics. At present a group of runners from the 757 are aiming for a spring 2016 trek out west.


Why R2R2R, there’s something about seeing the Grand Canyon in away and from a advantage point that few have seem it. According to the National Park Service FIVE MILLION people each year make the trip out west and stand at the edge of the canyon and marvel at the beauty of this creation. I’ve often wondered what the very first person who stumble across this place must have thought. And I’ve wondered what it’s like to leave the edge of the canyon and become part of it by going inside.

Running the canyon from one side to the other and back in one day has the appeal of such a wonderful place, of seeing things few have seen and tackling a tough challenge.
It’s not a race, except against the sun but I believe running the canyon will change you and I want to experience this place.

Leadville or Western States – The pinnacles of Ultra running and racing. I never gave these two races much thought, then a friend of mine ran. Somehow after someone I knew, someone I could relate to, not equal to running wise, ran them they became real. Where before these events were much like the Superbowl, a great game, a world event but for other people, for elite people, for people out of my span. When Steve (and he is elite in my book) ran there the dream of running these hallmark races became real to me.

Vol State 500k – Much like the 100 mile race, I quiet can’t get this into my brain yet. Saying that, the door is open.


The Vol State 500k is more than just another race, as one runner put it “The Vol-State is not just another ultra marathon. It is much more than that. The Vol-State is a journey, an adventure, and an exploration of inner space. It begins with a ferry ride across the Mississippi River, from Missouri to Kentucky, and finishes at “the Rock,” high atop Sand Mountain in Northeast Georgia. This race is 314 miles of unsupported determination and maybe some madness. It ring adventures and endurance…and maybe just a bit of lunacy. But for some reason lately I’ve wondered if I have what it takes?

I ran Umstead as my first 100 Mile run, and now I have my second at the Graveyard, I wonder what awaits? Maybe I should do something easy like jump out of an airplane.

What crazy run are you dreaming up?  Tell us about it…maybe we will come along for the ride.

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