To Retweet or Not

Should you Favorite or Retweet?

That is the age old question.  Well at least it has been for me for the past few years.


If I like a post and Favorite it…should I not Retweet it as well?

I guess it depends on the content of the Tweet.

If someone I follow posts something funny, inspiring, or educational, I favorite the post to show them that I liked it, and found it interesting.  I also Retweet the post to share it with my followers.

If someone is replying to content I posted or carrying on a conversation with me, then I favorite their post to indicate that I received/read the post or that I agree or like what was posted.  I would not Retweet this type of content.


I also Favorite tweets to show the poster I get what they are saying.

I do believe with great Favorite/Retweeting power comes great responsibility.  I do not Retweet content I find on the verge of Spam.


Favorite/Retweeting it makes the Twitter world go round…What do you do?

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