Throwback Thursday – Cleveland Browns Edition

Brian 15

Must have been 1975 or 1976, but here I am in all my Cleveland Browns Glory, #15.

My fandom for the Cleveland Browns began in 1971 when after writing a fan letter to Quarterback Mike Phipps (#15) I received a autograph picture and team photo.  Over the next 40+ years I have lived and died with the Browns.   Memories of “My First Game,” “Red Right 88,” “The Drive,” “The Fumble,”  “The Move, “The Return,” “The First Game with My Family, and “A WIN in Atlanta on My Birthday” are as much a part of my life as any other event next to finding Jesus as Lord and Savior, my marriage to Michele and the birth of my kids.

Through the highs and lows….I have remained a steadfast and loyal Cleveland Brown.  Yes, I do consider myself as much a part of this team as any player.

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