Throw Back Thursday – 10k Edition Honoring the Peachtree Road Race

Friday 4th of July 2014, I’ll be running my first Peachtree 10k Road Race in Atlanta, Georgia. The Peachtree Road Race is the world’s largest 10 kilometer race (an estimated 60,000 participants in 2011).  This race has been on my bucket list for a while now.  This will also add to the number of states I’ve raced in making the standing mark at 14.

To honor the Peachtree 10k, I’m going to look back at my first 10k as my Throw Back Thursday feature.

My first race and first 10k was way back during the summer of 1988 in Erie, Pennsylvania.  I believe it was late Aug or maybe Labor day when I ran the “We Love Erie Days 10k.”  At the time I was getting into shape to enter the U.S. Air Force and the Erie Days 10k fell right in the middle of my training.  Unfortunately I have no pictures nor do I remember my official time.  I finished under 60 minutes at 59:….something.  What I do remember with uncertain clarity is that I went out to fast…and paid for it in the middle of the race.  Truth be told, I was happy to survive.

But what is a Throw Back Thursday without pictures.  Since I have no embarrassing photos from my first race here are some photos and a recap from my second 10k, May 2001.

Brianrunvegas(May, 2001
Pls don’t make fun of my short…shorts)

While on a AF remote tour to Thule Greenland, I decide to get my lazy/fat butt into shape.  Falling back on my former running skills…the treadmill became my weapon of choice to win the war against the middle-age spread.  Being located 900 miles from the north pole and dead smack in the middle of the dark season all my training was in doors.  10 months into my tour I took some much needed leave and met my wife in Las Vegas where I was dying to try out my new found fitness.  While in Sin city I ran my second 10k ever.


The results here where a little better, but again I went out to fast and paid for it dearly in the closing miles.  Looking back I was so happy to be running outside, so hyped up to running with other people…I had no hope of running a smart race.

Lets hope the Peachtree 10k goes off much better.


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