My Marathons

The Marathons:  27 and counting…





Nov 2018, City of Oaks Marathon, Raliegh, NC:  My 27th marathon and my first opportunity to pace a marathon group.  I ran with the 4:30 Pacer and learned a lot about helping others.  We ran a little ahead of our goal time but I brought in three first time finishers, each one smashing their goal!  I enjoyed this very much.


Sept 2018, Atlantic City Marathon, Atlantic City, NJ:  Sometimes a run is so much more than time and distance. #LJStrong


May 2018, Cleveland Marathon, Cleveland, OH:  #25, One of my favorite races and one I’ve wanted to sub-four for a long time.  You just never know when the day will come to you.

2018 Clearwater classic marathon race Finisher

Jan 2018, Clearwater Distance Classic Marathon, Clearwater, FL:  A work trip turned into an ad-hoc sub-four hour marathon.



Nov 2017, Outer Banks Marathon, Outer Banks, NC:   I got to spend my birthday on a near perfect Sunday morning running 26.2 miles.  My goal to simply finish turned into an unexpected sub-four hour marathon performance.  “Happy Birthday to me…..”


Oct 2017, Seven Bridges Marathon, Chattanooga, TN:  This race ran a little long…26.2+


July 2017, Grandfather Mountain Marathon in Boone, NC:  Some races just call you.  I’ve had my eye on this race for a few years and when George N asked a group of friends to run it with him. Three of us took on Grandfather Mountain.


May 2017, Cleveland Marathon in Cleveland, OH:  The last time I ran Cleveland I hit a deer on the way to the race and collapsed in the heat.  You run the race in front of you, how would it go this time? It rained….


Mar 2017,  Myrtle Beach Marathon in Myrtle Beach, SC:  A flat, fast and fun race with friends.  I was coming off an injury and was not 100% sure I would finish the race.  Did I?  Full race report here.



Nov 2016:  City of Oaks Marathon, Raliegh, NC:  My second running of city of Oaks.  Last year my wife asked to renew our wedding vows on the starting line and this year I wanted my second sub-four.  It must have been the beard.  Full race report here.

Medoc 2016 Finish

Oct 2016,  Medoc Mountain Trail Marathon, NC:  A great local marathon full of charm and challenge, 26 miles of roots, rocks, and hills.  This would be my second running of this event and I still love it for numerous reasons.

tobacco road expo

13 Mar 2016,  Tobacco Road Marathon, Cary, NC:  Marathon number 16 and a great race on a flat and fast course, supported by a great event staff. My full race report will be posted soon.




1 Nov 2015, City of Oaks Marathon, Raleigh, NC:  My 15th. Just after sunrise we were on our way to run another race. My wife Michele, our son Anthony and GREAT friends Kendra and Jeff were going to run the 10k and I was going to run the Marathon. It was going to be a great day; I had dreams of a sub 4 on a rather hilly course….. My Race Report is posted here.



17 Oct 2015, Medoc Trail Marathon, Hollister, NC:  #14, Big city races do a great job of handling the masses. For the most part, these races go off without a hitch. Thousands of people run their fastest or their first marathon along with 20,000+ of their closest friends. The crowd support and the work of the 1000+ volunteers propel the runners and make the events operate smoothly. With all the clockwork type happenings of mega races, it is easy to get lost in the crowd. Then there are the smaller marathons that go out of their way to make their races special. These races are often much smaller in size, locally run by dedicated runners and volunteers who go out of their way to offer support you just can’t get on a large scale. At smaller such events, it’s easy to feel like the race was put on just for you. Medoc trail marathon is one of those races. My race report is posted here.



AF marathon medal

20 Sept 2014, Air Force Marathon, Wright- Patterson AFB, OH:  #13 and I had a sub-four plan in my mind…unfortunately that went out the window when I fell in love with the 3:55 pace group.  I made to many stops at the aid stations and the effort I had to put out to catch back up emptied my energy tank and at mile 20/21 I paid the price and my finishing time suffered.



1 Jun 2014, Windermere Marathon in Spokane, WS:  My 12th Marathon.  I had high hopes of repeating a sub-four-hour performance, but the heat and a late start got me. I finished in 4hrs 4m 4s (Official Time).  Michele fast walked the half…it was a tough day for both of us.  Full report posted here.



28 Oct 2013, Niagara Falls International Marathon:  #11 overall and The 3rd of the year and my first sub-four-hour FINISH.  Finally, it all came together.  Finished in 3hrs 56m 00s

2013 Cleveland marathon medal

19 May 2013, Cleveland Marathon, Cleveland, Ohio:  #10  I went into Cleveland with high hopes of my first sub-four hour finish.  Let’s just say it was a perfect weekend until we hit a deer on the PA turnpike Saturday afternoon on the drive up.  On the bright side, I got to hang out with a good friend of mine, but the race did not go as planned.  Finished in 4hrs 24m 00s


17 Mar 2013, Shamrock Marathon, Virginia Beach, Virginia:  My Ninth marathon since 2005 and my third running of the Shamrock Marathon.  And after 26.2 miles, I set a new personal Best/Record(PB/PR) of 4hrs 10m and 03s…..breaking a eight-year-old PB.  Who said I’m getting old?



11 Nov 2012, Freedom Marathon Marathon, Norfolk, Virginia:  My second marathon in 14 days and my bid to enter the Marathon Maniacs.  Finished my 8th marathon in 4hrs 27m 19s my second sub 4h 30m marathon in a row.


28 Oct 2012, Marine Corp Marathon, Washington D.C:  This was my 7th marathon and my first big city marathon.  To be honest I was a bit nervous of the sheer size of this event.  The Marine Corp Marathon (MCM) is the US’s fourth largest marathon, just getting to our starting corral was a challenge.  Finished in 4h 26m 09s my best time since 2005.


18 Mar 2012, Shamrock Marathon, Virginia Beach, VA:  Finished my 6th marathon.  But even more important is that Susan C. and Lloyd S. completed their first.



12 Nov 2011,  Richmond Marathon, Richmond, VA: on my birthday:  5th Marathon in the books. 4h 47m 00s…on my 47 birthday!



21 Mar 2010,  Shamrock Marathon, Virginia Beach, VA:  My 4th Marathon and my slowest…..4h 53m 00s 



21 Mar 2009, US National Marathon in Washington D.C:  My 3rd marathon, 4h 43m 00s, running 26.2 miles around our nation’s capital!



12 Nov 2005,  Richmond Marathon, Richmond, VA:  HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME  2nd Marathon…..How many times in your life are you able to run a marathon on your birthday?  My first birthday Marathon and new PB 4h 10m 39s(chip time).


24 April 2005, Shakespeare Marathon in the United Kingdom:  MY FIRST MARATHON…..You will never forget your first kiss, car, love (then divorce) and you’ll never forget your first marathon.  And with nearly 900 miles, five races, three 20 mile runs and tons of lonely runs in the wee hours of the morning, in the cold damp fog of the UK,  I finished in 4h 13m 59s and was one happy, proud and very tired running guy!

  • patrick voo

    nice marathon journal, brian! i wonder why you framed/commemorated only the first marathon? mind you, i haven’t framed any yet … but my kids did give me a frame at christmastime to do just that!

    • Brian Burk

      Thanks, just thought the first one was special.



      I framed the first one cause I figured it was special and only have limited wall space.