The Hardest Thing About Running – Not Being Able to Run

When your sidelined with a running injury, do not let a temporary road block take away your runners spirit.

Just because I can’t run, does not mean the road is empty)

Some might think that in the middle of a long run, when your feet feel like they are on fire, when your chest feels as if it will implode with the very next breath, when every part of your body wants you to shut it down and stop, that that might be the hardest part of running. Although you may not believe it…not running is the hardest part of running.

The hardest part of running, for many if not most runners, is not being able to run.

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It will happen to all of us sooner or later.  One day because of an injury we will not be able to lace up our shoes and go for a run.  When that time comes, we pray it’s only temporary.  When I can’t run…I’m not such a nice person.  When I see a runner out enjoying their day.  I hope they see a snake.  On some occasions, I may have wished that their beefy and spicy burrito came back to pay a visit when farthest from their home.  I may be guilty of hoping for some chaffing in an uncomfortable spot.  Or maybe that things bounce or swing a little too much?

Not really.  I jest.

A quick word about Running to Leadville.  I wanted a running story that would inspire and motivate.  I wanted a story to uncover the drama of running 100-miles coupled with a tale about uncovering the demons within.   I also wanted a story which would uncover the ultra-marathon lifestyle.  So I wrote Running to Leadville.

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When I can’t run, I enjoy seeing runners getting in their miles.  It brings me immense joy to see the world in motion and to see a fellow runner out in the day.  To keep my runners spirit, I give a wave or a silent high five to the unknown runner who crosses my path.  To me seeing another runner on the go reminds me that better days are ahead for me.  I take solace that I’ll again be part of the motion and that there is promise of a better tomorrow.  Just because I can’t run today, does not mean I am not the runner who will run tomorrow.

Even when I can’t run, I’m still a runner

If for some reason your forced onto the sidelines…don’t lose that runner spirit.  Keep your runners’ high alive, encourage your running friends, smile at those who can run and enjoy in the victories of others.  The race does not go to the person who runs today…the ultimate victory goes to the person who continues to be a runner, even while sidelined.

How do you keep your runners SPIRIT alive?

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