Running – What’s in a Number Anyway

Turning 52 years old, I figured the days of logging  Personal Records were a thing of the past.  Running faster seemed like a dream from days gone bye.  BUT then…over a three week span from November 6th to the 24th #BOOM #BOOM #foundthefountainofyouth #bottlethisstuff

UPDATE: the streak continues.  If your counting at home, that’s five PRs in a row.

539997_10212672620318758_3861652004417893958_n(My second Umstead finish)

Apr 1 – Umstead 100 Mile Endurance run, 21:36:36


(PR and back to back sub-four marathons)

Mar 6 – Myrtle Beach Marathon: 3:56:47


Nov 6 – City of Oaks Marathon = Logged my second sub-4 hour marathon with a new PR of 3:56:07 / finished 141 out of 509 and 8 out of 36 in my age group. To read the race report click here.




Nov 19 – JFK 50 = Smashed my goal of a sub-10 hour run, setting a new PR of 9:36:27 / finishing 234 out of 1042 and 22 in my age group of 119. To read the race report click here.


Nov 24 – Erie Runners Club Turkey Trot 10k = Without a real plan I winged it to a new PR of 45:04 / finished 56/534 at 45:05 and 2nd out of 21 in my age group.

[Tweet “What’s in a number, turning 52 didn’t stop @cledawgs from scoring PRs in 3 back2back2back races!”]

Age is just a number we use to let the rest of the world know how long we have been on this planet.  Do not let it define you, limit you or keep you from following your dreams!


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