Running – What Are You Thinking About?

For all the miles, for all the time we spend on our feet. For all the running we do over different terrains, different distances and for our different training objectives. Turns out most runners are thinking about the same things. That is according to a study in the International Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology.

Those thoughts could be grouped into three categories:

Pace and Distance
Pain and Discomfort

This study got me thinking about all the things I think about while running.  I was onced asked, what do you think about during a long run, my answer….everything and nothing at all, and with much skill I master those complex trains of thought all at once.

Ten things I think about during my long runs.


1. Oh, this first mile sucks…

2.  I hope that dog does not eat me, followed by I hope that girl, guy, old person, young person, middle aged person, monster truck driver notices me while texting/talking on their phone.

3.  What a beautiful sunset/sunrise.

4. My pace, am I running to fast for my long run or am I running to slow for my short run.  It’s a paradox.


5. Sex…okay I’m a guy.

6.  I hope that hill ends soon, followed by, I need to run more hills….I Love hills!

7.  Is that a blister forming or is that muscle twinge an injury coming on?

8.  I wonder what it’s like to sleep in…

Cleveland Browns v Tennessee Titans

9.  Will the Cleveland Browns ever turn it around?


10.  Quiet time with God.  (not really in scope with #5 but then again, I’m a guy.)

So what do you think about on that long and sometimes lonely open road?



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