Running – Ultra Marathon – And Super Seniors

Every runner has a story.

Some run to fight depression, some run to battle weight issues, some run to forget and some run to honor those they lost.

Likewise, every race has a bigger calling, to honor our heroes, to set the ultimate challenge and to raise money to fight an evil illness.

Super seniors headline the Virginia 24-Hour Run/Walk for Cancer


Robert White served in the 17th Airborne during World War II, has run nine marathons and jogged a 5K in Hampton earlier this month. In short, this 92-year-old marvel is accustomed to pushing himself.

Saturday, and perhaps Sunday, White embraces another challenge as he joins other “super seniors” in the 13th annual Virginia 24-Hour Run/Walk for Cancer at Hampton’s Sandy Bottom Nature Park. Read about his and other super seniors here.

Update on the SUPER SENIORS, read more about this groups accomplishments here.

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