Running to Leadville

Running to Leadville is my first novel, a fictional tale although inspired by some events from my life.  “It might be fiction, but there is a lot of me in this book.”

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Leadville, Co: the Leadville Outdoor Store, 3rd and Harrison Ave.

For more information on the Leadville Trail 100 Mile race, click here.

Running to Leadville

Running to Leadville is a story about the hardships of life.

“Then one day, the other neighbor kids were no longer allowed to play with him. He noticed that the older kids and the other parents talked under their breath and pointed his way. Then the “D” word became part of the conversations. His mother explained to him what divorce meant. He really only understood that he would be living in a new home, in another neighborhood, and without his father.”

Running to Leadville is a story about the power of love.

“It was the first day of eleventh grade English. She walked into the classroom catching his eye from the very first instant he saw her. He had seen her before from afar in Junior High, but never really talked to her or got to know her. He tried not to stare. His heart raced as she took up a seat right behind his.”

Running to Leadville is about loss and the ability to overcome.

“Overhead, the deep, vibrating and repetitive sounds that he knew to be that of the beating blades of a helicopter. The crisp air was shattered by the droning sounds of the rotary blades ripping thru the atmosphere as they propelled the helicopter towards him. He had no idea who called for help; numerous people had stopped to offer assistance. He was simply relieved that some form of assistance had arrived. “

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Running to Leadville is a captivating tale about a 100-mile ultra-marathon known as the “Race Across the Sky” and the runners who take on this ultimate test of endurance. A foot race that begins in Leadville, Co the nation’s highest incorporated town.  The Leadville trail takes runners 50 miles out of town through locations known as May Queen, Fish Hatchery, and Twin Lakes to a towering mountain pass known as Hope Pass.  The runners battle themselves and the trail which summits at 12,600 ft to begin a treacherous downhill segment delivering them to the old ghost town of Winfield, Co.  Once in Winfield they must turn around and do it all over again to arrive back in Leadville and the red carpet finish line.

“His pulse rate became a concern. He had never felt his heartbeat so intently. The action of his heart was magnified tenfold over anything he had experienced before. He knew what it felt like to push his body to its breaking point.”

“On the top of Hope Pass Tanner was speechless, partially because of the monstrous climb and partly because of the overwhelming beauty. His lungs burned. His heart pounded to the rhythm of a thousand drum-beats.”

Running to Leadville is about victory.  As hard as his life had been, from the heights of finally finding love and a life complete. To the lows of nearly losing it all would he have the resolve to finish, would he have the strength, would he have the metal to will himself back to life and a return trip to Leadville?

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