Running Shoes – Ten Things You Should Never Do

Runner shoes are our tools for putting in the miles.

A funny look at ten things you should never do to your running shoes or in life.


10.  You should never hold a grudge against your running shoes.  One bad run, one bad race or one failed PR attempt is hardly the fault of your shoes.  It will do you no good to hold a grudge, instead get back to work and go for a run.

9.  You should never expect too much from a new pair of shoes.  Shoe companies sell shoes not by their design but by flashy adds, dramatic commercials and over promising on their benefits.  It’s unfair to hold them to these expectations, after all it’s still you they have to support.

hoka stinson

8. You should never let your eyes wander.  Sure the starting line of a race, or a visit to the running store are good opportunities to check out some other shoes.  Be sensitive, how would you feel if your shoes were looking for a newer, faster…lighter model of you?

7.  You should never talk bad about your running shoes.  Okay maybe they don’t have the zip they used to.  Maybe they don’t rebound like before, but they are yours and they love you.

6. You should never force your shoes on or off without first untying them.  Would you want to be forced to do something?  Your shoes feel the same way…just untie them and they will be happy to hold your feet secure.

5.  You should never make promises that you can’t keep.  Your shoes need rest days and long walks on the beach.  If in the heat of the moment you promise these thing but can’t deliver keep in mind that a broken promise is remembered for a long time.

4.  You should never boast about your running shoes.  Everyone believes their shoes are special and hold the keys to faster running times.  Trying to make everyone believe your shoes are the best will only annoy your friends and not change anyone’s point of view.

3. You should never pay more for your running shoes just to impress your friends.  There are plenty of good deals out there whether at your local running store, online or at the big box discount stores.  Paying to much for anything does not impress anyone.


2.  You should never buy shoes just on looks alone.  For better or worse, for richer or poorer, injury and Personal records your shoes are with you for the long haul.  Do not buy them just cause they look good or are made up of flashy colors.  Your shoes need to support you from 5ks to ultra marathons.

and last

1.  You should never compare your current shoes to your favorite pair of shoes that are no longer available. Seriously, this will make your new shoes feel inferior and undermine their supportive nature.  Always talk nice and respectful about your current shoe partner.

Full Disclosure: I run in Nike, Pearl Izumi, Hoka, Asics, New Balance and Salmon.  For years my go to shoes were the NIKE Air Pegasus.  I presently run in Pearl Izumi 90% of the time…I am a Running Ambassador for their company, not because I get a discount on shoes…but because I love their line of shoes.  I’ve found they fit my feet so much better than NIKE and they have helped my performance, and kept me injury free.


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