Why do you do it?  Is it hard?  Can I do it?  Does it hurt? 

Over the last 14 years I’ve been asked a lot of questions about running in general and specifically about my running.  Recently on a training run in Pocahontas State Park, with my GoPro filming, I thought I would answer the top five questions I’m asked about my running.

NOTE: Struggling a bit with Youtube upload quality….pls bear with me.

  1. How did I get started and why do I run long distances ?

2. How far, how often, and how fast do you run?

3.  Is running bad for your knees?

4.  Who was your favorite running partner and who would you like to run with?

5.  Where do I see my running taking me?

Thank you so much for watching my first video blog entry.  If you have the time please subscribe to my video channel on  I’ve got a lot to learn about video editing…and as always THANK YOU for following my Blog and my Running!

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