Running Question – Are you a hot or cold weather runner?

The first wave of cold air has hit the east coast, and I hate it.  I should not complain, our cold snap delivered temperatures down into the teens over night while other parts of the country are buried under snow and below zero temps, yet still I hate it.  I was born and raised on the shores of Lake Erie, “the snow belt” where the average seasonal snow fall is well over 120 inches a year, yet I still despise the cold.  I lived through many a season where the lake nearly froze over, yet I have no tolerance for the cold.  I remember years where we broke the record for the number of days at zero Fahrenheit or below, yet I loaf the cold.

lake erie frozen over

Are you a hot or cold weather runner?


As much as I hate cold weather running, I hear the same complaints around running during the summer.  Many people hate summer running, and the dogs days of July and August.  As for me I would much rather sweat than be cold.  If I had my choice, if I had my hand on the big thermostat I would much rather battle the sun, the high temps and high humidity then spend hours on end in the harsh, the icy cold, the bone chilling wind and muck of winter running.

In my opinion, sweat is better than frost bite.

Sunburn is better than chapped lips.

Sweat soaked running gear is better than five layers of high tech garb just to still be cold.

And a hot summer wind is much better than a skin wiping winter gale.

How about you do you like it HOT or Cold?

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