Running Product Review -Beets Blu Heart Rate Monitor

If you don’t currently own a pricey sports watch with a Heart Rate Monitor, and don’t want to spend big bucks to purchase one but have a smartphone the Beets BLU is just the ticket for you.

What is a Beets BLU?

beets blu 1

A Bluetooth connected Heart Rate Monitor that links with your compatible smartphone.

I recently had the opportunity to test drive one and came away impressed.  What sold me on this little device is that it is truly…easy to use.

I’m not a high tech geek, and I don’t like investing a lot of time trying to figure something out.  When it’s time to run, it’s time to run.  I don’t like wasting time doing things other than running.  I want to push a button and have it work.



BOOM….that is just what the Beets BLU HR monitor offers.


(from their web site) You don’t need any adapters whatsoever!  You will only need a compatible smartphone.  The data is directly transmitted through Bluetooth Smart (Bluetooth v4.0) wireless technology, and devices supporting the feature can immediately connect to the heart rate monitor after some small changes in their settings.

I found this statement to be true, with only a few taps on my smartphone, my Beets BLU was linked up to my MapMyRun app.  Within seconds of launching the application my Heart Rate was being alternating displayed and it was time to run.  While I ran, the Beets BLU chest strap and monitor offered No mess, No fuss…and other then glancing at my phone to check my HR I hardly noticed I was wearing the monitor.

I remember the old bulky “common use” HR monitors first available at the gym.  If you wanted to monitor your performance you had to get a “used” monitor and chest strap out of a cold bucket of disinfectant.  You also had to hope you found one without a stretched out band and then place that cold, wet bulky device on your chest and hoped that it worked.

beets blu

Not today, with Beets BLU it’s comfortable, lightweight, slim and reliable.  Most importantly, at a reasonable price…it’s yours.  You already have a high tech smartphone, the Beets BLU will only make it smarter and you a better trained athlete ready for your next Marathon, 10k, 5k or long walk.

Check out the Beets BLU website, follow them on Facebook and Twitter

Disclaimer:  I was not paid to write this review or any reviews on my blog.  I was given a device to test drive.  Saying that if I don’t like a product I will not blog about it.  It’s that simply…all opinions are mine and based solely on my test of the product.

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