Running – Moments That Moved Me – Ultra Marathon

Most of us will never hear the roar of the crowd as we race for a podium finish.  Most of us may never qualify for Boston.  All of us will accomplish more than we ever thought possible as long as we continue to run.


My Top 10 Running Moments

10.  Running 200 miles in one month, for the first time, June 2013.

9.  Completing my first marathon in 2005.

8.  Running my first sub four hour marathon at Niagara Falls in 2013.


7.  Having a Running story published (twice) in a national publication.

6.  Pacing a new friend to her first half marathon (2011) and first marathon finish in 2012.

5.  Finishing step for step with my running mentor at Graveyard 100k in 2014.


4.  Finishing my first 100 mile race at Umstead in 2014 (22h 51m 05s).

3.  My wife surprising me with a re-commitment of our marriage at the City of Oaks Marathon in 2015.


2.  Running with my grandson Aiden for the first time, 2014.

1.  I’ve continued to run in some form or fashion, high mileage or low for 16 years ( Aug of 2000 – present.)

What are your top running moments, please take a moment and post a comment below and tell us about them.

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