Running Mistakes – Mistakes I’ve made in Training, Racing and Running in General

A fellow runner, and favorite blogger of mine, @fueledbylolz posted an interesting topic on her blog recently. In response to a blog challenge Hollie wrote about the “One Mistake She Was Glad She Made.”

From Hollie’s post:  “The feeling of failure can be one of the hardest emotions to come to terms with. However, if you can learn from a mistake, it’s hard to consider the mistake a failure.  We all live, and we all make mistakes.”  You can read more of her post by clicking here

After reading her post, I took a glance back at my running career and considered some of my running and racing mistakes.

deerrunning(Not me, but racing a deer could be a mistake)

To Fast To Injury:  When I first introduced speedwork to my weekly routine, I LOVED it.  So much so that I ran a hard speedwork session every Wednesday, come rain or shine and regardless of my long runs. This overzealous focus on speed did not last long.  During a long run after a hard speed day I noticed a burn deep inside my right thigh, centered and right above my knee.

Water Stop Foley’s:  During the Air Force Marathon I was gunning for a sub four hour finish, it would be my second. My plan was to follow the 3:50 pacer and follow the pack to success.  My plan also called for me to stop at every other aid/water stop for a quick drink and a short walk to keep my legs fresh for the push after the wall.  Unknowingly the effort it took for me to catch back up with the 3:50 pacer after the water stops slowly taxed my legs to the point that I could no longer keep up.

The Pain and Agony of Manland:  On one long run, I forgot all about chafing prevention…The pain in “manland” after 20+ miles was something they write songs about.

slivertonstart(The arrow, stuck in the middle with you)

Zing and Zagged To Defeat:  During my second half-marathon I lined up in back of the pack of a very crowded starting corral. When the gun went off I panicked when the runners around me were moving slow. I worried that I would lose to much time during the opening miles.  In response, I began to pick and move through the crowd by bouncing side to side as I zing and zagged my way to a better position.  I felt good about my maneuvering until the mid way point of the race when my legs went flat.  It was a real struggle to finish.

With every run, race or training adventure, we learn something…a mistake is an opportunity to grow.  As Hollie asked:

What is one mistake you are glad you made?
Has an injury taught you something recently?


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