Running In The Cold – Five Reasons I Hate It

Some people like it cold.

Some people like it hot.

Roses R red
Violets R blue
I hate ‪#‎running‬ in the cold
how about you….”

I’m hear to tell you I HATE running in the cold.  I can do it…and it takes a pretty crisp day to keep me inside, but I hate it.


The Five Reasons I Hate Running In The Cold.

1.  When the temperature drops, dressing for a run gets more challenging.  Do I wear shorts, tights, long pants, tights with long pants, long sleeve shirts, jacket, hats, gloves, ear muffs…all this extra stuff makes it hard to go for a simple run.


2.  My eyes water when it gets cold.  I look like I’m crying but its really the cold wind.

3.  My hands and ears get cold easy and quick.  When the temperature goes below 60f my hands/ears start to get cold.  I know people don’t like to be “sweaty” but sweat does not hurt, it down right hurts to be cold.

4.  If nature calls during a “cold” run…it is sometimes difficult to get through all the layers to ah well…take care of business.  Add in some cold hands and it can take your breath away…but that might be too much information.

5.  My noses runs…and I have a mustache, frozen bugger face is not pretty.

AND that is not even taking into consideration the risk of falling and busting my butt.

Do you like running in the cold…if not what do you hate?


2 thoughts on “Running In The Cold – Five Reasons I Hate It

  1. Adam Haesler

    I think any type of conditions for running, regardless of whether it is weather, gear acting weird, or something else are the most important moments in training; this is where we identify our weaknesses and how we deal with them in the moment, and have the experience to learn from.

    Thus to answer your question yes I like running in the cold for the value I will get out of it, but no I do not like being cold when running.


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