2017 Goals and Race Calendar

2017 GOALS/RACE LIST: While not complete yet, 2017 is starting to take shape:

Yearly Mileage: 2500
Avg. Monthly Mileage: 200+
Avg. Weekly Mileage: 50+
Set Monthly PR 250+
Set Week PR 62+
Two 100 Mile Races
Set 100 mile PR
Run another sub 4 hr marathon
Set marathon PR

7, Brian’s Crazy Long Run, 50 Miles at Umstead — unofficial event, long run prep for Umstead 100 Mile Endurance Run

4, Uwharrie Mountain Run, 40 miles, Asheboro, NC – DNS – calf injury
22, Surviving your 1st Ultra Marathon and Book Signing at Run-N-Tri Outfitters, Wake Forest, NC – Done

4,  Myrtle Beach Marathon, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina – Signed Up – GOAL RACE – DONE PR

1, Umstead 100, Cary, NC — Signed Up - Done PR
18, Surviving your 1st Ultra Marathon and Book Signing at Peninsula Track Club, Hampton Va
29-30, Virginia 24 Hour Against Cancer, Newport News, VA – Done

6, Morning Run and Book signing with  Roanoke Island Running Company, OBX, NC
19 – 20 Cleveland Marathon Expo – Book signing
21, Cleveland Marathon,Cleveland,Ohio - Done

17, Eastern Divide 50k, Pembroke, Va - Done

8, Grandfather Mountain Marathon, Boone, Nc - Done

None Planned – Travel to WS and run something out there.

29, Yeti 100, Virginia Creeper Trail – Signed Up

14, Book Signing at the 7 Bridges Marathon Expo
15, 7 Bridges Marathon, Chattanooga, Tn - Signed Up (get 15% off us code BRIAN15OFF)

5, City of Oaks Marathon, Raleigh, NC - Signed Up (get 10% off use code COOBB)
10-11, Book Signing at the Outer Banks Marathon EXPO, OBX, NC
12, Outer Banks Marathon, OBX, NC - Signed Up

16, Seashore 50k, Virginia Beach, Va - Signed Up

  • I enjoyed reading your web page . Looks like a great 2014 plan . Good luck this year .

    • burk.brian@yahoo.com

      Thanks, will check out yours as well

  • Tim Crow

    hey Brian…I see you are thinking of coming back to CLE in August for the Burning River…if you are not going to run it….then why not take it easy….visit your mom, and then pace me in the #BR100 on the back-half. I am shooting for a sub-24 this year.

    • Brian Burk

      Aug is up in the air….if things look like I’ll be a round, I’ll get in touch.


  • I will be at Yeti 100 as well!