Running – Comparing A Marathon vs. Ultra-Marathon

I’m often asked, how does running a Marathon compare to running an Ultra-Marathon?

Other than the obvious difference in milage, a marathon being races of 26.2 miles in length.  A Ultra-Marathon being races longer than 26.2 miles for example a 50k (31 miles), 50 milers, 12 hour races or the Grand Daddy, the 100 Mile endurance races. A Ultra-Marathon is different in many way, I address four area that I believe are keys to success. 1. You’ll spend more time on your feet. 2. You have to find a way to eat on the run.  3. The increased physical pounding and 4. Coping with the mental aspect of running the additional mileage.  In the videos below I address these four challenges of the Ultra-Marathon.

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Running: Comparing Marathons and Ultra-Marathon

Running: Marathon vs Ultra-Marathon – Time on your feet

Running: Marathon vs Ultra-Marathon – Nutrition

Running: Marathon vs Ultra-Marathon – Physical

Running: Marathon vs Ultra-Marathon – The Mental Game

I believe the keys to successfully running and finishing an Ultra-Marathon are Time on your feet, Nutrition, Physical, and the Mental game.  Anyone can jump up to the Ultra-Marathon distance if they set their mind to it.

Running: Marathon vs Ultra-Marathon – Closing

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