Running – The Best Time To Run Is Now

When is the best time to run?

Are you a morning runner who likes to get it over with before the sun comes up?

Would you rather run during lunch and break up the day with a fast heart rate, sweat and miles on the legs?

Or are you a night owl who loves to run under a blanket of darkness and the quiet of a sleeping city?


Myself I have run at all times of the day, depending on work, life, and temperature.  To be honest, if I had a choice, I would run in the early morning hours. Saying that, I don’t mind running at any time of the day.

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In my mind, it does not matter at what time you chose to run as long as you run.

(A Runners World Article on when is the best time to run)

So what are some basic tips to help you get going, no matter the time of the day?

Don’t put it off…  I’ve heard a lot of my (try to be a runner) friends talk about how they had good intentions until the phone rang, the dog wanted out, or the latest episode of “Guiding life” came on the t.v. If you want to run….run.

Be flexible…24/7. There was a time that if I missed my planned run time, I was done for the day.  Not anymore.  I’ll get a run in at an alternate time but I’m running.


Refuse to take a goose egg…any time of the day.  There have been days when I just wanted to go home, sleep in or be lazy.  I committed to myself to not take a zero.  I by logging at least one mile it opened the door to keep moving once my body warmed up and the cobb webs were beaten back.  I once turn a refuse to take zero runs for an 18 miler.

Take the run with you…in the mornings.  I used to lose a few run days to my vacations, not anymore I run while on vacation building my runs into a part of the sightseeing plan.  What better time or way to see a new city then while on foot and on the run.


Get the right gear…during the night time hours.  Running at night can be a bit unnerving or intimidating.  With the right gear, a bright flashlight, reflective outwear and a good GPS map of the city a night run does not have to be so stressful.



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