Running alone or with friends, Running is never lonely

Who do you run with?

When I started my running career I ran mostly alone. I liked the solitude, I relished the quiet time and I enjoyed just being alone.

Over the years I’ve grown to likewise appreciate company on my runs. I’ve ran with close friends, I’ve ran with a group of friends and I’ve ran with people I’ve just met. I’ve logged miles with runners faster and more accomplished then me and I’ve ran with rookies and runners slower than me. I have been inspired by others and I hope along the way I’ve inspired someone.

People say running can be a lonely sport… I think not. Running has opened up the world around me at a grass roots level. I’ve gotten to know myself better and I’ve met some wonderful new friends along the way. While running I’ve come to learn that everyone is, if not the same, that we are very similar. We all put our shoes on, we all walk out the door and we all take that first step and run. Every runner covers the same distance; to all of us the mile is the great equalizer. Everyone sets some personal records and everyone has moments of defeat. With all we share as runners, running is never a lonely sport.


Whether I run alone or with friends…I always have a friend by my side.

2 thoughts on “Running alone or with friends, Running is never lonely

  1. Beauty in Christ

    So true!! I really love this. Being alone while I’m running actually means for me that I get to spend more time with Jesus!


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