Running – 5 Seconds and My Life

What is 5 seconds in the big scheme of things?  Most would say not much…hardly any amount of time at all.  But to a runner 5 seconds can be the difference between world records, a personal best time, or qualifying for Boston.  5 seconds can also be the difference between life and death.

During an ordinary normally routine run though a housing area, I was moving along enjoying the afternoon and in the middle of a good stride when I sensed something coming up from behind me.  I don’t run with an Ipod or anything to cloud my senses. I prefer to be aware of my surroundings and this time it paid off.  In the middle of this run I felt something approaching me.  Whatever was coming up from behind was catching up with me kind of fast.  My instincts also told me that whatever “it” was, it would not be long before it caught up with me.  I also gathered by the mechanical sounds that the “it” was a car or maybe a truck.  Then almost before I could process everything that was going on, a car passed me on my right side and turned  quickly right in front of me.  It appeared this car was pulling into a driveway, a driveway less than 6 feet way.

I’ve got to admit I was pretty surprised, startled, shocked and upset when the driver pulled in front of me. Wanting to avoid this driver I figured I would cut behind the car and get out of the way.  Clearing the street with a quick look over my shoulder, I turned to move behind the passing/turning car.  Then my senses kicked in again, something was moving at me a SECOND time.  The car that just passed and turned in front me was now in fact backing out of the driveway they had entered destined for a driveway across the street. My attempt to get out of the way put me right back in the path of this 4,000 pound monster.  Luckily my awareness served me well allowing me to avoid being run over yet again by this person.  Most startling of all was that the driver gave me the “why was I in her way again” stink eye…

5 seconds.  5 seconds would have been all it took for this driver to slow down. 5 seconds to allow me to get out of her path.  5 seconds could have prevented the near fatal juggling act between the both of us.  5 seconds and the stink eye could have been avoided.  I guess those 5 seconds were important to her.

Home 5 seconds earlier checking the mail.

5 seconds sooner turning into your favorite show.

Dinner served 5 seconds earlier.

Those 5 seconds really are a big deal after all.

To me those 5 seconds nearly ended my running career, those 5 seconds nearly took me out…not once but twice!

Is it really too much to ask, give me 5 seconds, PLEASE

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