Running 2015 – so far it has been a up and down year

2015 so far has been a very UP and DOWN year.

As I look back I see alot of success and alot of frustartion.


Jan – A great running month, ran a 50 miler to start the year off right. At the end of the month set a new 10 mile PR and was on target with training for my seond 100 mile race. To top it all off I had a race report published in Marathon & Beyond.


Feb – Some personal issues and snow moved into the 757/804 area which caused me to loss many training days.

Mar – Ran my second 100 mile race, unsupported at the Graveyard 100. It was a good month and a great race.


Apr – My 6th running of the Virginia 24 Hour Ultra Run for Cancer, the race that started all of my ultra-running adventures. 19 hours in I set a new mileage PR (82.5) and was well on my way to another 100, then I had to drop because of Achilles issues with my left leg. On a bright side my team “Run4Life – 3” won the event setting a new team record of 834.5 miles.


May – 21 days of recovery later, and I finally got running again.

Jun – After the frustrating month that was May everything was back on target. Ran the Bethel Boogie 50 miler although I felt a little under-trained. The time off my feet set me behind the power curve for getting used to the heat and humidity. During this hot and steamy race my endurance paid the price. By late in the month I was able to ramp up my training and then Vertigo hit and I landed in the ER. Lost a few days dealing with this spinning out-of-control monster but I’m thankful it was nothing more serious and happy that finally the month came to a close and I made my adjusted goals.

Jul – Ended the month with 182 miles. I feel like I’m back running near 100% with only a slight loss of some speed as a victim to the heat, humidity and injuries over the spring and summer. Spent some vacation time in Minnesota, got in some fishing and running, including a long run of 20+ miles and a route with some hills. Ran a solid outing at The March 50k, a tough 32 miles on the All-American trail to remember WWII POWS/MIAs.

The March Beginning

Aug – The eight month of the year saw my running return to the form of the early spring, and finish  with over 200 miles and in solid shape. I did mange to set a PB for the number of running day in a month with 26. I’ve never been a big streak runner, but this month I did manage to link together a few 10 and 12 day streaks.

Onward and upward: I’m back running at near 100%, getting used to the heat, turning up the miles slowly and looking for a great second half of the running year. To make my adjusted goal of 2015 miles in 2015 and complete my race calendar, I need to make up some ground and at the same time, keep the wheels on the cart.

How has your running been? Post a comment below and tell us about your year!

2 thoughts on “Running 2015 – so far it has been a up and down year

  1. Tracy@myfitfocusedlife

    Oh the ebb and flow of running. Between other commitments, weather, family, injuries, etc – it happens. Just pick yourself up and forge ahead again. You’ve still got lots of time to hit that goal!

  2. Jess @ Thefitspirit

    Awesome that you are able to celebrate the successes and push through the challenges! I hope to step things up a bit the second half of the year.


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