Running – 18,000 miles – marathon – ultra marathon – long run

18,000 miles I’ve run since I started this crazy journey on the 2nd of August 2000.

Never in my wildest dreams would I have guess that through some high times, some lows, some injuries and some challenges I would still be running 17+ years later.


Running and a fitness life style have added so much to my life.  Over those 17 years I’ve logged a lot of miles…and became a better person.

18 Lessons Running Has Taught Me

1.  Time away from a problem makes it much easier to solve…and running gives you that time and creative energy to see the solution.

2.   Running helps to make a bad meal, or snack not so bad.  I’ve also learned that unfortunately you can’t outrun a bad diet.

3.  I’ve met a lot of good great people (friends) running.

4.  My health has improved beyond measure.

2016GrandCanyonR3NorthRim(On the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, May 2016)

5.  I seen things/places I would have never experienced without the run.

6.  I’ve reinvented who I thought I was.

7.  Life is sweeter while on the run.

published2(The second of two articles I’ve had published)

8.  I’ve found my creative voice from running, I’ve found I can tell a story about my run.

9.  Miles are more than a measurement of distance.

10.  To stop and smell the roses.

11.  Sometimes its fun to be lost.

Umstead-buckle(Sub 24 Hour Buckle From Umstead 100, 2014)

12.  I can do more than I ever thought.

13.  A mile is a really long way.

14.  A mile is nothing at all.

15.  When someone yells “BEAR” in the middle of the night, you’ll run faster….it does not matter if you ran 80+ miles before hand.

16.  I can completely change my clothes in my car without flashing anyone.

17.   80% of the people do not return a friendly wave while running.

18.  When I look for a reason to NOT run, I normally find more reasons that I should.

AND Finally…

gy100picturedunes1(I Ran 102.5 Miles Down the Outer banks of North Carolina)

I may never win a race, or place in my age group, but I can do epic, I can run epic and my life will be epic. ~ Brian

P.s. thanks for reading my blog, here’s to the thousands of miles in front of us.

P.s.s My thoughts when I ran my 15,000th mile.

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