Runners Helping Others – Kellyn and Medoc Meltdown 50k

PLEASE HELP a close friend of our family, Kellyn, has been diagnosed with a brain tumor.  The doctors believe it is a low-grade glioma, located in the Broca’s area, on the left side of her brain. Within the past several weeks, it has begun to grow slightly, and the plan of action is to have it removed.  She is starting to experience the effects from the tumor with slurred speech, trouble finding words, tremors in her hands, dizziness, confusion, and seizures. With that said; this is a very frightening and overwhelming time for her. kellyn This is also very overwhelming for her family with the prospect of bills that will far outreach insurance.  And they need our can you, my family, friends and followers help.  Please visit Kellyn’s gofundme page and give if you can (any amount).  If you can’t please share with your friends. Kellyn’s story on ABC 13NEWS If my friends, family or followers can raise $1,000 By Aug 5th I’ll run the Medoc Mountain Meltdown 50k in a pixie fairy butterfly costume. 05062_full_1 Why would I do this….I’ll do anything to help someone who needs help…..she’s a Runner, and A Cleveland BROWNS fan.  I’m in… If you donate pls send me a personal message with the amount and I’ll keep a running total.  I will only post where we stand with our Friends of Brian’s support pledge.

$380.00 in $620.00 to go, at 38%

Roll Call, Thank YOU!
Paul S.
Josh D.
Tom and Kimmy L
Tom. W
Lee. W
Debbie. E
George. N

PLEASE help…!

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